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Darren Morrison: Leadership Coordinator

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Proverbs 29:18

“Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.”
–Proverbs 29:18

It is vital to be intentional about the direction you are heading!  Over the past three years Mission Possible has become very intentional with strategic planning.  We wanted to be intentional and have a clear path for strengthening our ministry and developing Christ-centered leaders.  To start, we knew that we couldn’t do anything without leadership. “Everything rises and falls on leadership.” –John C Maxwell  So we had to ask ourselves who is going to do this by equipped several Haitian men and women that had a heart for their people and wanted to see change.  Once those people were in place and we had a clearer picture of where we wanted to go, we developed mission and vision statements to help us answer what we do and why we do it.

*Mission Possible’s vision statement is “Equipping the Next Generation of Christ-Centered Leaders.”

*Our mission statement is “Identifying and developing leaders by providing Christ-centered leadership training, positive role models, mentoring, coaching, accountability, and opportunities to demonstrate their character and leadership development through increased practical responsibilities over time.  Also, protecting and improving the lives of future leaders by providing Christ-centered education, vocational training, nutrition, clean water, medical care, Christian evangelism, and discipleship.”

These have really helped us focus on what is most important and avoid bunny trails that aren’t what we are about as a ministry.  It also led us to developing core values that direct everything we do in Haiti.  These core values tell everyone involved with Mission Possible how we are going to do things.  They help us make decisions and support what we do.  It took us awhile to narrow it down to a few that we liked, but these are what we came up with:

  1. Christ-Centered- carrying out, acting, and living these values at all times even when no one is looking.
  2. Personal Responsibility- Doing our best and delivering excellence in everything we do. No short cuts, facing our fears, and doing what is right.
  3. Integrity- Do what is right, legally and morally.
  4. Loyalty- Bear true faith and allegiance to God, Mission Possible, and other leaders. Support and stand up for fellow leaders.
  5. Respect- Treat people as you would want to be treated. Appreciate the best in people.

All of our Haitian students and staff have these core values memorized and hear them throughout the week.  Since we know who is going to do it, what we do, why we do it, and how we are going to do it, we have a clear direction for the ministry and can be intentional with all our decisions.  “If you don’t know where you are going, you will probably end up someplace else.” -Zig Ziglar  I’m thankful that Mission Possible knows the direction it is going and is also being prayerful to see if God leads us to do even more.  Thanks for your support for reading my blog.  Check back next week for more posts.IMG_6427


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Leaders Love their People

Servant leaders love and care for their followers.  They don’t throw their power around or harm the people under them.  Instead, they lay down their lives humbling themselves.  They think the best of their followers and try to make them better too.  Each day ask yourself these questions.  How can you live out this verse (1 John 3:18) in your leadership role?  How can you show you care and appreciate your family, friends, and co-workers?  How can you add value to them?  If you ask yourself these questions, you will not only be able to make a huge impact on those around you by showing them their worth, but you will truly show the love of Christ.1 John for Blog

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Equipping our Adult Leaders

So in January of 2016 we started several new things.  We wanted to have the Haitians who graduated from the Leadership Academy start to give away what they learned to the other staff and students at our schools and churches.  One of the things that we started was an Adult Leadership School.  This current class is made up of guards, yardmen, and cooks.  They meet each month on a Saturday to learn about what it means to be a Christ-Centered leader from our graduates.  They have studied some great material including the International Leadership Institute workbook,  the In Search of Timothy book by Tony Cooke, the 21 Laws of Leadership by John C. Maxwell, and will begin a new topic from the leadership consultants at Focus3 in July.  This class is focused on helping them learn the head knowledge of leadership.  The next step, which will be another Leadership Academy, will be focused on applying these lessons and seeing if they have a heart for what they learned about leadership.  This first class of the Adult Leadership School will be completed in December and a new one will begin in January of 2018.  This next class will be made up of teachers and church leaders.  The great news is that these adults wanted to learn and were asking when it would be their turn to become better leaders.  Praise God for wanting to equip His people for good works.  We are excited to see what He continues to do as we equip more and more Christ-Centered leaders that can serve His kingdom.  Thank you all for your prayers and financial support, we couldn’t do it without you.  Below is a picture of our current Adult Leadership class this spring.  Please follow my blog with the follow button and if you could, please prayerfully consider giving to my support too.  Thanks again, God Bless!

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Leadership Update

Nothing great happens by accident; it happens by being intentional.  It is no different when you are trying to equip leaders.  Leaders are grown over time by individuals who are intentionally trying to produce more leaders.  They build relationships with these potential leaders and walk along side them, teaching them how live a Christ-centered life with a servant leaders heart.  Without a clear direction and path to follow, they are simply hoping for the best or that they accidentally stumble upon leadership.  That is why it is so important to be intentional and have a clear direction.  For many years at Mission Possible, we did not have a clear path to develop leaders.  Don’t get me wrong, many great things were done, but we did not see leaders rising up in our schools or churches consistently.  When we became intentional about leadership development, everything started to change.  Our schools got better, our churches grew stronger, and we began to see more unity throughout our organization.  As more people continued to join our leadership push, we continued to see positive change happen.  We still have a long way to go, but we are excited about the difference intentional leadership development has made on the ministry.  It has even helped us as a U.S. staff become more focused and intentional in our specific areas.  With many great things going on, I would like to ask you to pray for our Adult Leaders who met on June 17th.  They just completed a study on John Maxwell’s 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and will begin something new next month.  They have been soaking up everything they are learning and are looking for ways of applying what they are learning.  Thanks for all the prayers and support.  God Bless!Leadership

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Mining Gems in Haiti

Over the past year and a half we have continued equipping thousands of Haitians, young and old, to be leaders.  These Haitians are going through interactive lessons on what it looks like to be a Christ-centered leader and also participating in activities that reinforce these lessons helping them apply what they’ve learned.  Overall we are pleased with the direction of our leadership in Haiti.  John Maxwell has this to say about searching for and equipping leaders…

“One of the reasons God has put leaders in the Church is to help every person find his or her place.  I sometimes think of it as finding and polishing hidden gems.  Leaders are meant to help others become the people God created them to be.  They are called to discover the hidden, encourage the uncertain, develop the untrained, and empower the powerless.  They are gifted to mine the gems.  Never forget that Jesus looked at an impulsive, uneducated fisherman named Simon and saw a diamond in the rough.  Jesus even called him Peter the rock.  Just as Jesus sees potential in you, if you are a leader, He wants you to find and develop that potential in others.”   –John Maxwell

Our hope is that we are able to mine the Gems God has put before us and continue equipping more and more leaders in Haiti.  Please continue to pray for them as they take on more and more responsibilities.

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God breaks leaders

“A leader who goes his own way and seeks to benefit only himself cannot be an effective instrument in God’s hands.  God had to break Jacob to make him useful.  In the breaking process, Jacob the deceiving “heel-catcher” became Israel, a “prince of God” who purposed to serve God rather than himself.  Natural leaders often need to be broken.  Consider your natural ability to lead a gift from God, but your character a gift to present back to God.  Remember: every time you stand up under the weight of adversity, you are being prepared, as Jacob was, to better serve God and lead people.” ~John Maxwell: The Maxwell Leadership Bible

As leaders we need to remember that hardship and adversity shape us into who God wants us to be.  We shouldn’t ever run from it, but embrace it.  At the same time we can’t allow that brokenness we experience to consume us to the point to where we grow hard and don’t grow from it.  I’ve battled this for years, but the truth is the hardest times in life (deaths, disappointments, hurts, stress, etc) bring the most life change and help us to put our trust in God where it belongs.  As leaders when we walk through the valley of the shadow of death we have two choices; move forward knowing Jesus is with us or go back around the mountain and not follow Him.  When we choose to trust and obey, our faith grows stronger because we can see how our shepherd provides for us.  We learn that our God will always be with us and that He never breaks His promises.  Through our brokenness we our moldable and He will shape us into the leaders we were meant to be.

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Leadership Update

I’m hoping to make these posts more consistent in the future and not just once every month or two.  Thanks though to everyone that has been praying for Mission Possible and helping by giving to my support.  You’re helping us make a huge difference in Haiti!  To give you a brief update, this past week we got our student leaders together for an extended amount of time (read first few posts for student leader definition).  They stayed at our MPCA school from Sunday night to Wednesday morning where they continued to learn what it means to be a Christ-centered leader.  They had classroom time, exercises, unity and teamwork activities, and continued to learn how to live out our core values.  There were also several people from Ohio that helped with the teaching as guest instructors and did a great job encouraging our Haitian students and adults.  Our Haitian youth that have been a part of the student leadership weekend have been responding so well to what they’ve been learning and are excited to continue growing as leaders in their schools.  Our hope is that these 95 students will not only be future leaders at Mission Possible, but all throughout their country and even the world.  God is doing amazing things through our leaders at Mission Possible and I would love your continued help.  We are continuing to see them grow and give their leadership away to others so please continue to pray for them.  Hope you enjoy the pictures below!

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