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hand games haitiI remember December 2011 being a strange time in my life.  Still transitioning from college to the work force, I was working part-time as a substitute teacher in Columbus while searching for other opportunities. While home over Christmas, I ran into a family friend from church, who was planning on going to Haiti in February with an organization called Mission Possible.  I had thought about going to Haiti in the past, but was always too busy with school so I put it off.  After taking a day or two to think about it, I decided to go for it and travel to Haiti for the month.  This meant one month without an income and one month to raise nearly $2,000 for all my expenses.  God provided through amazing friends and family and it was truly a life changing trip.  Haiti 1During my time in Haiti I helped with many different construction projects and even taught Haitian students what the Bible says about sex.  I was also able to make some great friends on this trip from the U.S., Canada, and Haiti.  After a month, I fell in love with the Haitian people and Mission Possible’s vision.  I knew as I traveled home, I had to stay involved.  Once back to the states, I got in touch with the U.S. office to see how I could help.  Everything fell into place and about a month later I was working for Mission Possible.  I started in a Public Relations role for about a year raising funds for the ministry and speaking.  Then after that, I transitioned into the Sponsorship Coordinator role helping manage the ministry’s child sponsorships for two years.  Haiti 2In the spring of 2015, I then moved into my current role as the leadership coordinator.  In this role, I oversee all the the leadership programs and development that we do in the country of Haiti.  I also help our national leaders give what they learn away to others.  I am a firm believer that nothing will ever get better without leaders equipping other leaders.  That is why I do what I do and I love being able to serve with Mission Possible.  Over the past six years I have been able to travel to Haiti and the Dominican Republic 15 times for a total of 19 weeks in country.  Haiti 3While serving over seas these six years, I have gotten to know the Haitian people more and more and love seeing their desire to grow.  They are starting to believe they can change not just our Mission Possible schools and churches, but the world.  They have been empowered and know they can be the change.  As you finish reading this page, I want to ask if you would please consider partnering with me by going to My Support or to Fundraising.  By doing this, you will be helping equip leaders in Haiti and the Dominican Republic so they can change the world!  Every gift, big or small, can make a huge impact for our Haitian leaders.

-Darren Morrison: Leadership Coordinator

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