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Darren Morrison: Leadership Coordinator

About MP & Me

My name is Darren Morrison and I am the Leadership Coordinator for a non-profit Christian ministry called Mission Possible.  Mission Possible has a total of eight schools and churches in Haiti and the Dominican Republic with nearly 2,500 students.  Our goal is to equip the next generation of Christ centered leaders in these two countries. We see poor education, corrupt leaders, and extreme poverty, but Mission Possible wants to be a beacon of hope in a dark place.  The students at our schools receive a nutritious lunch each day, medical care, an excellent education, Christian discipleship, and leadership skills.  We are a hand up, not a handout organization so we believe that to be sustainable and not create dependency, the students must have some buy in even if it is just a small fee and uniform. This also means we don’t hand out gifts, money, and other resources to the students.  Our field staff are all Haitian nationals and receive continuing education, seminars, and leadership training to make sure they are well equipped for their positions.  My role, as you probably guessed, is in the leadership and development area of the ministry.  I help develop our leadership curriculum, organize our strategic plan, and teach seminars on leadership and unity to our staff/students.  I feel extremely blessed and thankful to be in this role.

With this position at Mission Possible, I must raise my support.  This is why I created this blog; to create an easy way for individuals to give and to welcome new donors too.  I also want to use this blog to keep my current donors and prayer warriors informed about my work and share what God is teaching me regarding leadership. Click Blog Posts to read my most recent blogs. Click My Support if you would like to support my work at MP.  Click Fundraising if you would like to support our leadership development at MP.

If you would like to learn more about Mission Possible, please check out our website or click on our social media links on the sidebar to the right and top of the page.  You can also subscribe to my blog to receive e-mail notifications of future blog posts on the right side of the page too.  Thanks for your help, leave a comment so I know you were here.  God Bless!

-Darren Morrison: Leadership Coordinator

“Everything rises and falls on leadership.” -John C. Maxwell

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