So the first week of July I led a team to Haiti to work with our student leaders and paint chalk boards in the classrooms.  Let me walk you through the week.

Day 1: We left for the airport about 3:30am and flew out of Detroit.  Travel went well and all our flights were on time.  We arrived in Haiti and drove to the Mission Center getting there after dark.  We were missing a bag with supplies, but hoped to get it later in the week.  After a late dinner and talking about the groups first experience of Haiti, we unpacked and went to bed.

Day 2: We got up early and after morning devotions and breakfast we traveled to MPCA for Church.  It was great having fellowship with believers from Haiti.  We even had 3 of the girls on our team sing a song for them.  After church we spent the rest of our day at the Mission Center prepping for activities.  That evening we went back to MPCA and gave a lesson for the student leaders.  We talked about our core values and a habitude called the exhausted worker.  Once we got back to the Mission Center we debriefed and got some sleep.

Day 3: We got up early again with the same morning routine then we traveled back to MPCA.  We then spent the morning with our student leaders.  We taught them about our core value Christ-centered and how it relates to the iceberg habitude.  Then after we did the human knot team building activity, we taught on the value of respect with the opportunity statue habitude.  We also had some time to play soccer and other games with the Haitians.  In the afternoon we were able to paint chalkboards and by the evening we were exhausted.  We spent some time resting then talked about our day as a group.  It was a powerful evening where we heard a team members testimony, prayed over her, and then challenged the young people in the group to teach one of the lessons for the following day.

Day 4:  After our normal morning routine, we went back to MPCA to work with the student leaders again.  Andy and I taught our lessons on the core values loyalty and integrity along with the habitude “drivers and passengers.”  We also did activities like a an arm bridge and partner mine field.  The youth taught a lesson on the habitude “fun house mirror” and did a great job.  At the beginning, one of the youth gave her testimony again and after she was done the Haitian students asked to pray for her.  We were blown away by their hearts and caring about one of our team members so much.  Once the students finished their lesson. we showed them distorted pictures of themselves by using our phones.  It was great getting to work with them and once we were finished, we had fun taking a bunch of group photos.  The rest of the afternoon we rested and debriefed about our day.

Day 5:  After we got ready in the morning, we went up to Lahatte to visit the community there.  We blew bubbles, played jump rope, and took pictures with many of the kids there.  Then once we were done we drove up to Degeance to see our new school property.  After lunch we traveled back to MPCA to paint chalkboards again.  It was a good feeling finishing all the boards there.  That evening we had dinner with our graduate leaders and shared some lessons we have been learning.  It was a fun time of fellowship.  Once they left we got together as a team to have our final time of reflection and debriefing talking about the week.  After packing for home and getting souvenirs to share back home, we got some rest for our long journey home.

Day 6:  In the morning we got our stuff around and loaded up the van not knowing how crazy our day would be.  As we got in the van, Pastor Herve informed us of protests that were blocking the main road.  So we would have to take the long way to the airport.  After coming to a road block, missing our first flight, and nearly missing our re-booked flight, we were finally headed back to the U.S.  God paved a way and helped our group make it home safely.  We even got home an hour earlier than we were expecting.

For me and many others on this trip, we definitely saw God working and we definitely saw God’s provision.  A big thank you to everyone who prayed for us.  It was an amazing trip that was life changing.  Please be praying for Haiti as there are still some protests occurring.  We’ve even had to cancel a few teams because of safety.  Our hope is to be able to send teams again soon.  If you would ever want to join a mission team and have your own story, feel free to contact me or our office.  We love having individuals and churches join us as we continue to equip Christ-centered leaders.  Will you choose to be a part of our work?