Still catching up on my reading, but I just finished this book by William D Taylor where he talks about the importance of partnerships.  To have any long term success, we must be willing to work with others;  People from other countries and organizations.  When we do that, we are not only able to accomplish more, but we are being a true reflection of Jesus.  Throughout his book William has many individuals share their stories of partnerships.  Some successful and some not so much.  He does a good job sharing how those in ministry can avoid headaches and conflicts by simply understanding our differences culturally before we get to involved.  When we work with individuals that have a different language, different culture, and have preconceived beliefs about the other, we can expect their to be obstacles to overcome.  I have witnessed this at Mission Possible, but I am very thankful for our Field Leader, Pastor Herve, who is gracious and patient with us North Americans as we awkwardly try to partner with his people.  It is true though that much more can be accomplished for The Kingdom when we work together in partnerships.  So if you are involved in over seas missions/business or if you simply want to learn how to have more effective partnerships,  I highly recommend this book.