If you didn’t get to see my recent support letter…

Six years ago I went to Haiti for the first time and it completely changed my life.  I had never seen poverty and brokenness like I saw in Haiti.  But I learned about Mission Possible’s vision and knew I needed to be a part of their work.  Their desire is to see Christ-centered leaders equipped and true change to occur on the island of Hispaniola through their leadership.  My hope is that as you read this letter, you too will want to join Mission Possible as we work out our vision in these countries.

The Dream:
I want to see a Haiti where individuals are able to feed their families and not have to worry about being malnourished.  I want to see a Haiti where individuals can get a quality education and use it to impact the world.  I want to see a Haiti that has a thriving economy and job market so individuals can provide for their families.  I want to see a Haiti with bold political leaders that love the people of their country more than any personal gain.  I want to see a Haiti that doesn’t rely on handouts and welfare to survive, but rather feels empowered to succeed and change their own country.  I want to see a Haiti with safe drinking water and food, so the people don’t have to worry about diseases.  I want to see a Haiti with reliable medical facilities where the people can safely get care.  I want to see a Haiti that sends missionaries to other countries instead of just receiving them.  I want to see a Haiti that boldly follows Christ and surrenders their country to Him.

The Belief:
I believe all of the goals above, and many others like them, can and will happen if Christ-centered leaders rise up.  God is in the business of using leaders to change families, organizations, cities, countries, and the world.  Any time God wants to do something big, He has a leader come forward to make it happen: Noah, Joseph, Moses, Joshua, David, Peter, Paul, and Jesus just to name a few.   God works through humans to accomplish His work.  God is also in the business of working miracles when we are faithful and believe.  With your faithful prayers and giving, I know God will equip many generations of Christ-centered leaders in Haiti that will not only change their country, but change the world.

The Invitation:
So would you consider being a part of making these dreams a reality?  By doing so, I hope you know that you will be helping make a huge difference for countless Haitians in this life and for eternity.  You will not only be helping me and Mission Possible accomplish our goals, but you will be coming along side our leaders helping them make a difference in their country.  I understand that money can be tight, so if you have already given to something else recently, will you please think of my support next time you are able to give?  Please check out my giving page and contact me if you’d like to get involved with Mission Possible or have any questions.  Thanks!