I got a little behind in my reading, but this week I wanted to highlight the book Biblical Models for Leadership by Elmer L. Towns.  In this book, Elmer outlines many different laws of leadership along with different types of leaders.  He then describes each type of leader with an individual whom lived it out in the Bible.  He lists their strengths, weaknesses, problems they might face, along with providing many examples of them living out their leadership in the Bible.  As I read through each type of leader, I was able to relate to their strengths and weaknesses.  More than anything though it revealed to me potential blind spots and problems I might face with my leadership type and how to overcome them with my potential as I follow Christ.   An overarching theme throughout the entire book is the importance of relationships.  When Elmer lists the strengths of a certain leader, most of his examples are based on relationship strengths.  When Elmer lists the weaknesses of a certain leader, most of his examples are based on potential relationship weaknesses they might have with others.  If you lead even one person (which is everyone), I recommend reading through this book as it will not only help you see how you lead, but how those around you lead.  As it relates to Mission Possible, this book helped me to see the many different types of leaders we have running our organization.  It also made me more aware of their gifts and how they might overcome their potential weaknesses.  All leaders have areas they are more gifted just as they all have areas of potential temptation.  We can learn a lot by studying leaders in the Bible; their mistakes and successes can be a road map for us as leaders.  So I leave you with a few questions:  Who is a leader that you look up to in the Bible and why?  What strengths, weaknesses, mistakes, and successes do you see in their life?  How can their life make you a better leader?