What is servant leadership?  A good definition that Skip Prichard gives is “Leading with others in mind.”  In John 13:1-20 we see Jesus washing His disciple’s feet displaying the ultimate example of humility and servant leadership.  God became a human, and not only did he become a human, but he served and loved people and not only did he serve and love people, but he served and loved people that the world rejected (prostitutes, lepers, tax collectors), and not only did he serve and love those people, but he chose willingly to die on the cross for all of us while we were still sinners… God the creator of everything in the universe, who is bigger and better than anything, made himself nothing because He loved us.  It’s hard to imagine that kind of love yet we are called to do the same for others.  We are called to be servant leaders, be humble, and die to ourselves so we can show the love of Christ.  Please be praying for all our Mission Possible schools in Haiti as the students get ready to learn about this very topic of servant leadership.