This week I read Mary T. Lederleitner’s book on cross cultural partnerships.  In her book she talks about errors we make when collaborating with people from other cultures.  It also includes suggestions for those who want to have healthy partnerships with those from other cultures.  Overall this book was helpful and reminded me why Mission Possible works in Haiti and the Dominican Republic the way that we do.  We are a hand-up organization that desires to equip the nationals.  We provide accountability while also walking along side our leaders as they grow.  And we always try to respect and help the nationals keep face so they are empowered to make a difference in their own country.  This is how Mary wraps up her book:

“I dream of a day when Philippians 2:1-16 is not the exception but rather the norm for cross-cultural ministry partnerships.  I dream of the day when we choose not to compartmentalize our theology and how we do ministry, but rather, our theology informs and transforms how we work with one another.  I dream of a day, and I can see it in my heart, when the world stops and takes notice of what is happening in our cross-cultural ministry partnerships.  I dream of the day when world leaders come to Christians to see how they can get along better because the global church is modeling this so very beautifully.” –Mary T Lederleitner

If you are interested in global missions and working with people from other cultures, I highly recommend this book.  If you’re interested in seeing how I believe Mission Possible tries to operate as a ministry, I highly recommend this book.  Hope you check it out.  Thanks for reading.