I wanted to thank everyone who gave or prayed for me in 2017.  I appreciate all your generosity and encouragement.  You have all been such a blessing!  Last week I was able to mail out nearly 200 new support letters in hope that we could raise even more in 2018.  If you would like to give to Mission Possible, please click here!  If you have any questions about my work or the ministry, just let me know.

Over the past year, God has really been pressing on my heart the importance of relationships and how it connects to leadership.  Leadership is influence and to influence someone, you must establish a relationship with them first. Take a second and think of someone who did a good job leading you.  Did they demand you do what they want or did they ask?  Did they use fear to motivate or did they show you that they cared.  Good leaders don’t force their followers to do what they say; they influence them by showing them that they care.  They add value to them.  When your followers know that you want the best for them and that they can trust you, they will gladly listen to your requests.  Just the opposite, when we demand things or use fear to force followers to obey, they will slowly resent us and may choose to follow someone else.  Good leaders know that leadership is all about building quality relationships and letting people know how much you care.  Take some time today to think about what this could mean in your own life.