Earlier this month I was able to travel to Haiti where I continued to help equip our national leaders.  Here’s a recap of our week.

-We went to each of our schools and met with our directors.  We got to ask them about their families, their time with Mission Possible, what they are excited about, concerns they have, and if they had any prayer requests.  It was great getting to hear their hearts and also very encouraging to see what God had been doing in their lives.

-When we went to each of our schools, we also did a teamwork activity called the magic carpet game with the older students.  It was an awesome way to get them to work together and continue to learn the importance of teamwork.

-Three of the evenings we met with all of our graduates from the Leadership Academy for dinner.  During this time we shared laughs, but also went through John Maxwell’s book, “The 5 Levels of Leadership” to learn how to grow as leaders and why it’s so important.  We all really enjoyed this time of fellowship and fun.

-We also attended our student and adult leadership graduation.  These students and adults finished their 2 year programs and were excited to start giving their leadership away as they received certificates.  In January we will have a new group of students and adults doing the same thing.

Overall it was a good trip and I really enjoyed my time there.  It was good for me to reconnect with our leaders in Haiti and spend time investing in those relationships.  These Haitian leaders are truly doing some amazing things in their country and appreciate all the encouragement.  I want to say thanks to everyone who has given to Mission Possible and to my support this year. You are helping us equip Christ-centered leaders and changing lives for eternity.  If you’re interested in giving, you can mail a check to our office at PO Box 1026, Findlay, OH 45839-1026 or you can give by paypal at this link https://www.paypal.com/donate/…

Contact me if you have any questions about Mission Possible or are interested in going on a trip. Thanks & Merry Christmas!