I wanted to write a blog about a selfless, humble, and God fearing man that I look up to, Pastor Herve Pierre. Pastor Herve is Mission Possible’s Field Leader and oversees our operations in Haiti. I have known Pastor Herve for over 5 years while working at Mission Possible where he has had a huge impact on my life and literally thousands of others. During this time he has influenced me as a leader, displayed to me what it means to have a bold faith, showed me the importance of prayer, and so much more. Here are 3 attributes (I could list many more) that I see in him that have challenged me and will hopefully challenge you to live out too.

-His love for Christ: Pastor Herve loves Jesus and wants to serve Him in everything He does. Herve is not scared to die for the Gospel as he has shared God’s love with others even when being threatened. He fears God more than he fears man and will go out of his way to share what God lays on his heart. When you hear him share what God has done in his life and line that up with how he lives, he provides an amazing testimony for all of us.

-His love for others: Pastor Herve loves others and is willing to lay his life down for them too. I have seen his heart break for the lost and those that persecute him. I have seen him comfort friends and go out of his way to show others how much they mean to him. I have seen him forgive those who have hurt him and also help others reach their potential.  Herve wants everyone to experience the love of Christ and he wants to share that love with them.

-His character and humility: Pastor Herve is a man of character. Never once have I witnessed him lie or seen him do something that could be perceived as wicked. Pastor Herve would never claim to be perfect, but he lives the same way in private as he does in public.  Herve is a great example of a servant leader displaying amazing humility in everything he does.  He is slow to speak and slow to anger.  He doesn’t boast and isn’t proud.  No matter who he encounters, he is willing to lower himself to make the other person feel valued.

Not only do I trust Herve with my own life, but would trust him with my family’s lives as well. He cares so deeply about others and advancing the Gospel.  I am thankful for his friendship and for his testimony.  I am blessed to know such a great leader and I hope everyone who reads this is encouraged by Pastor Herve’s life.