Mission Possible Leadership

Darren Morrison: Leadership Coordinator

Student Leadership Week


Throughout the school year we have a group of selected students, called our Student Leaders, get together to learn about leadership for roughly 24 hours.  These 95 students have been selected by our Leadership Academy graduates and are considered to be students that have displayed leadership in their schools and communities. (For more info check out my blog post Mission Possible’s Leadership Model).  In the summer though we do an extended time together over 3 days.  We just completed this summers Student Leadership week and it was great!  Like I mentioned above, this time together helps them continue to learn about leadership, but they are also involved in doing team building activities, watching movies, exercises, learning life skills and disciplines, building relationships and more.  We believe all these things are making our students well rounded leaders that also understand the importance of loving others.  Please pray for these students to continue to be leaders in their schools, churches, and communities.  That they would have courage and boldness to influence their peers and families.


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